After our initial “soft” launch of VerPay, we have learned a lot and the team is constantly listening to your feedback and improving upon VerPay! Upon closer investigation of our product, it became clear our merchant onboarding flow required improvement.

We have addressed the signup issues you may have encountered. We have also fixed issues with some international phone numbers and improved support for international currencies. Our initial “soft launch” was aimed at the South African market and we were caught off guard by the international interest in VerPay during this phase.

We also added better support for setting up your payment methods and added 3 more features based on early learning:

  • Demo Mode: Once you have set up your merchant account, we automatically start you off in Demo Mode. This allows you to try VerPay and train staff without running live payments or even setting up a payment method. You can switch between Live and Demo modes as and when required to train new staff.
  • Guest Mode: We found that even though we support Google, Facebook, and Apple social logins, many customers battled to remember social login passwords. A customer can now log-in in Guest Mode and decide which contact info to share. Key in Guest Mode is to save the payment history, as without a social login we cannot give the customer access to the payment history.
  • A full Open API: Many customers wanted to use the VerPay payment method from within their own business applications and especially in call centers. We have now completed the Open API. In fact, the current Merchant and Customer web apps are running against the same Open API.

We hope you are still interested in taking safe, easy and clear-cut payments whilst speaking to your customers on the phone, via a video call or even in person! VerPay is a very useful backup to faulty payment devices when completing a transaction in person. Here is the QRCode which you can show clients for direct access to the VerPay customer app: